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About Us

dog adoption option story:

Dog Adoption Option was started in 2012. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for local rescue organizations from the sale of our products.  Currently, we sell koozies, tote bags, stickers, and t-shirts.  The company was inspired by my own rescue dog named Greta (for her story, see below). I used a photograph that I took of her and I turned it into the “adopt.” logo.  This logo is intended to symbolize the importance of making the decision to adopt and while you are sporting it, you can brag to all your friends how rad you are for doing so.

greta’s story:

My story with Greta begins the day that I met her…online. On this particular summer day, I was surfing the internet looking at adoptable dogs in the Austin area where I was moving in a few weeks. Right away, a dog named Greta caught my eye on the Austin Humane Society website. Although I showed her picture to my family and they loved her, it was strongly suggested that I focus on the move and my junior year in college…

Fast forward to my second week of living in Austin and I found myself at the Humane Society. I promised myself that I was just going for fun and to meet this pup named Greta that I hadn’t stopped thinking about. Right when I burst through the door, I was overwhelmed by the number of kennels lining the aisles filled with dogs hopeful you would be the one to take them home. I excitedly looked around the chaotic room and asked out loud “Where is she??”

Then, I saw her. She was the only dog in the room who was not barking. She and I locked eyes and I knew she was the one. She slowly sat up and gazed at me with those soulful brown eyes and we both knew it was the start to an epic adventure together.

And we were right! Together, we have traveled to lakes, beaches, and music festivals in the rolling hills.  Greta was even lucky enough to be a part of a nonprofit program called Healing Species.  Through the assistance of rescue dogs, it is a successful violence intervention, character and compassion education outreach program (

Experiencing first hand the amazing bond between dogs and people is what led me to start this company and advocate for others to start their own adventures by adopting.