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an adoption story: meet Davey, Mini & Gracie

This is Davey, Mini, and Gracie’s story told by their mom Holly…

Davey’s Story:

“Once my daughter began school, I started volunteering at Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection in Wichita, KS. March of 2010. My intentions were to go a couple times a week but I was quickly hooked and started going 5 days a week to see “my dogs.” At the time, I had a cocker spaniel, 3 cats (all adopted from different shelters) and 1 guinea pig (rescued from a garage sale!) so bringing home more was going to be a challenge to get okayed by my husband! I told my him that I wanted to adopt a big old dog that was overlooked. So everyday, I walked the cages and connected with all the dogs. But my area to clean had more small dogs. I was in that building about 2 hours a day letting each dog out to play and cleaning their cages. In the far back corner, was a 1 year old terrier mix named Davey. He was a maniac in his cage! He would jump and cry and bark and didn’t want to wait his turn for my attention. He saw me and was excited! He knew I would let him out to play fetch. I fought the urge to like him because I wanted a big dog. But this little guy was relentless in his love for me and he was starting to grow on me. I thought for sure my husband would say no because Davey was so wild! In April of 2010, Davey left that shelter and came into our home. He was worst than I imagined he would be! He was rescued from euthanasia at the pound when he was about 6 months old. So we didn’t know what his life was like before that. I had to keep that in mind every time he hiked his leg on my furniture! It was a rough few weeks, but we all persevered and soon he became a more controlled crazy! Once my husband declared “I could have a house full of Davey’s” I knew everything was good. As of today, 3 years later, Davey is a “momma’s boy” and the best cuddler in bed!”

Mini’s Story:

“I continued volunteering and started helping other volunteers show dogs on Saturdays at local pet stores. My daughter Macy, who 5 at the time, would go as well. There was a 4 year old chihuahua named Mini that we started showing. Macy wanted to help show and hold dogs and Mini was the perfect size for her. Macy started looking forward to showings and going to the shelter with me, when she could, so she could see Mini. Mini would get so excited to see her. At showings, if Macy gave Mini to anyone else, Mini would cry and fight to get back to Macy! I had never seen anything like it. Macy started telling people Mini was not for adoption even though we were showing her at an adoption event! The last dog on earth I ever wanted was a chihuahua!! But there was something different about this little girl. I took my husband to the shelter so he could help me clean and with the sneaky intentions to have him look at Mini. When we got in the car to leave, he said “are we not taking her home?” So I called the shelter owner, and in September of 2010 Mini left that shelter and came into our home. Mini was relinquished due to her previous owners losing a job. So she had experience with living in a home and fit in nicely with our 2 other dogs, 3 cats and guinea pig!

I continued volunteering until June of 2011. In that time, one of our cats and the guinea pig had died and we had some foster dogs come and go. My little trio were getting along great! And life was good. Then my 7 year old cocker started getting sick. By the time we decided to do exploratory surgery, it was too late. Cancer had invaded his whole body. We said goodbye to Maui on august 25, 2011. One day before my 30th birthday. Oddly enough, our cat passed away on my husbands 30th birthday. So those are memories that will stick forever!”

Gracie’s Story:

“During this time, my husband was in the process of possibly getting a job in Canada. So we decided to hold off on getting anymore animals because moving 2 dogs and 2 cats would be hard enough. But my friend who fostered several dogs was going out of town and needed someone to watch Gracie, her current foster, while she was gone. Gracie, a schnoodle, had lived with a family for 10 years. The woman remarried a man who was allergic so one of her sons took Gracie and his kids were too wild, so the other son took Gracie and eventually gave her up to the shelter. She luckily avoided the cage and went straight to my friend’s house. Gracie filled that “old soul” void left by my cocker. Her mannerisms were just like him, she even howled for me when I would walk outside without her. Maui did the same thing! I liked her, but tried finding her other homes, which didn’t work. Her foster mom got back to town and I delayed giving Gracie back. One day my husband said “she’s not going back is she?” So we had our well rounded trio again! My husband got the job in Canada and we went to find a rental. I told the realtor and everyone involved in our move that it was a must to find a landlord willing to take all 5 pets. I would not accept giving them up. There were those who doubted, but I had faith and it paid off. In June of 2012, we loaded up our cars- 2 cats, 3 dogs and our daughter and started the long trek to Ontario, Canada.

So here we are, coming out of our first and very frigid, Canadian winter! Davey is now 4, Mini is almost 7, Gracie approx 12 or 13, and our 17 and 20 year old cats! ALL RESCUED and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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Mini and Holly's daughter

Mini and Holly’s daughter

Gracie, Davey, and Mini

Gracie, Davey, and Mini


Davey's "gotcha day

Davey’s “gotcha day” photo