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an adoption story: meet miller.

My friend’s adoption story…meet miller: “Our story is not a “love at first sight” story, but it is definitely an unconditional love story. I had wanted a dog forever and was always set on adoption; there was no other option for me. After my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment together, the very first open weekend we had I was determined to find my “doggie soul mate”.  However, it was the day of the Richmond SunTrust marathon and our apartment was completely surrounded with chaos.  It took us an hour to get to the SPCA and it is only 2 miles away…talk about frustration. We walked around and looked at the dogs. I picked out one dog that I said I wanted to play with in one of the playrooms while Scott picked out another. We decided to play with his choice, a dog named Danielson. We took him into the room and he was far more interested in the SPCA volunteer than us and this made me uneasy. However, 20 minutes later, we adopted Danielson and decided to change his name to Miller.

We took him home and Scott left soon after to get a crate for him .  I was left alone with Miller and had no idea what to do with him. I showed him around his new home, then turned on the TV and laid down on the couch.  About 2 minutes later, Miller jumped up on the couch, crawled right up next to me, spooned with me, and immediately fell asleep.  My heart melted. Right then and there I knew we were meant for each other. He was my soul mate. After that moment we have been inseparable, he follows me everywhere and we still spoon on the couch watching our favorite shows.”