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an adoption story: meet Mocha, Libby, and Cooper.

Mocha’s story: “Mocha was a stray on the upper west side in Manhattan. She was found in a dark alleyway by herself, and she was taken in by the Manhattan CACC. She was then brought to a foster group in northern New Jersey, which is where we rescued her from. We have had Mocha for 12 years, and she just had her annual check-up at the vet, and she is in perfect health for an older girl.”

Libby’s story: “Libby was found as a stray in Kentucky, running around with a chain tied around her neck. She was taken in by a local shelter near Bowling Green, however, due to the exorbitant amount of high-kill shelters in the south, she was removed by an organization called Orphaned Pets, Inc. We met Libby at a local Petco where Orphaned Pets was holding an adoption day. We were drawn to her unlikely resemblance to Mocha; just a smaller version! We immediately fell in love and took her home, where she wasted no time getting comfortable, and she has done an amazing job at keeping Mocha young by constantly antagonizing her to play!”

Cooper’s story: “Cooper is our most recent rescue. On a Sunday afternoon this past September, the family took a trip to Petco to stock up on toys and treats for Mocha and Libby. Unbeknownst to us, there was another adoption day taking place. Mom laid eyes on Cooper, and it was game over. Cooper came from a dingy, concrete shelter in the middle of West Virginia, and was taken off of death row by an organization called Eleventh Hour Rescue. Their name says it all. My family took Cooper home at around 4 PM on Sunday afternoon. He had been set to be euthanized early Monday morning. Cooper was not in good shape; he had to be shaved because his fur was completely matted and unkempt, and he was so thin that every time you touched him, you just felt bones. But let me tell you–he had the most unbelievable spirit of any living creature I have ever seen. When we brought him home, he was definitely timid, but all he wanted was to be around us. He would tentatively stand on his hind legs and put his front legs on our bellies, and then take his paws and wrap them around our hands: what we believe is his version of a hug. It was so obvious that Cooper was grateful. Within a few months, his hair grew back, he put on weight, and he is a┬átruly gorgeous dog. The day we brought him home, I thought that we saved him. I can now tell you that it was the other way around.”