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an adoption story: meet Odyssey.

This is Odyssey’s adoption story told by his mom Renata: “My husband and I adopted Odyssey through the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Ontario (; ARF works with First Nation and rural communities in northern Ontario to rescue, rehab and re-home stray dogs and cats. Ody was born in a sandy den at the Sagamok Reserve, an area between the Spanish River and the North Channel above Manitoulin Island, a good 8+ hour drive north of us! We were told she was the size of a standard tube of toothpaste when they found her and her siblings! At first, the idea of a dog in our lives did not sit well with my other half; he was concerned about potential issues between the dog and our two cats, along with the change this new added responsibility would bring. I ended up convincing him though, nearly 10 years later! When I saw Ody’s photo online her little teddy bear face stole my heart.  Out of 20 or so adoption applications and a lengthy phone interview, they ended up choosing us to meet Ody’s foster family! I was absolutely thrilled, but even more so after the fam selected us to be her forever home! I know my husband doesn’t regret adopting Ody for a second, she holds a very special place in his heart.   Ody is the most devoted, sweet and gentle soul you’ll ever meet. This shaggy, super intelligent, bouncy gal is my best friend.” Please follow @renatadominika on instagram to see her amazing photos of Ody!

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