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an adoption story: meet Pumpkin.

“In October 2007, my mom received an email from the SPCA asking if we could foster a rescue dog named “Ginger”. My mom called me and asked if I could go pick up this beagle from the SPCA and I willingly agreed. When I picked her up she was underweight and had mange. The woman at the SPCA informed me that the dog was dropped off by her former owner who could no longer take care of her. The owner explained how he and his wife were going through a nasty divorce and while he was away on business, his wife moved out of the house and abandoned the dog. “Ginger” had been left alone in the house for four days before the husband came home and found her.
I could not believe this story upon hearing it. I immediately put the dog in the car and took her to the vet to pick up some medicated shampoo. My first day with her I knew she wasn’t a “Ginger” and I changed her name to Pumpkin. She was so full of life and wanted to play all the time. After her bath, she ran around the house like a crazy person and I soon noticed that when she ran her front legs went out to the side. I loved her quirkiness.
I didn’t have toys for her initially but she soon found my sister’s stuffed animals under her bead and began bringing them to me to play catch with. It was not long before I fell in love with her. Since we were supposed to only be fostering her, my parent’s told me that we would not be able to adopt her and she needed to go back to the SPCA so she could be adopted. My heart broke.
Christmas morning my parent’s tied a bow around her
neck and brought her into my room. She has been mine ever since and I could not love her more!”