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an adoption story: meet Sophie.

Sophie’s adoption story told by her mom Lauren: “You know how there’s one dog in your life that just seems to be your soul mate companion? You have that special connection with each other, a true bond. Well, Sophie is mine. Ever since I laid eyes on her at an adoption event two and a half years ago I knew she was it for me! She’s my running sidekick, my snuggle buddy, and my protector (just watch Sophie’s reaction when my husband tries to tickle me, you’d think he magically turned into a burglar!). This past year has taken a toll on me with many injuries and several surgeries and Sophie was right by my side for all of it. She stayed in bed with me even when my husband let the other dogs out in the morning. I think she knows how comforting and healing her presence is for me. Sophie has taught me how to love more deeply and more selflessly. I have a magnet on my car that says, “Who rescued who?” Those words are so true for me and Sophie, along with so many others who have opted to adopt their pet. I’m so thankful that I have this precious pup in my life and I try to show her how grateful I am each and everyday!” ┬áTo see more photos of Sophie and more of Lauren’s beautiful artwork, follow her on instagram @run_love_dog

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Lauren rocking her Dog Adoption Option t-shirt with Sophie